Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gay Bomb: The Musical!

   I've been busy. Some good and some bad. Lately I've been working on my first off-off-Broadway musical. This Friday at the Magnet Theater in New York City, we will see the opening night for Gay Bomb: The Musical! It's a brand new musical loosely based on real events where the U.S. military was considering a plan to produce a bomb to turn enemy soldiers gay. Their theory was that the enemy soldiers would be so consumed with lust that they would drop their arms and have sex with each other. Thus the U.S. could invade and finish any war. Pretty silly right? Well some friends of mine wrote a musical comedy based on that very same idea and took it further. Read about it here: Gay Bomb: The Musical! I play Bruce, the sidekick/best friend of the hero of the story. It's a super fun role, and it really feels nice to be working on a play/musical again. I've been doing a lot of improv comedy, and there have been times when I've really missed the process of working on a full production. I love the music for the show, and I feel very lucky because the writers have given me one killer show-stopping number that has a great message. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I hope to have some recorded version in the near future. Here's a short promo video for the show. Check it out here:

  You can buy tickets here: Gay Bomb: The Tickets! I'll have more to report on the show after we open, but I really love the production thus far, and I get to work with some incredible people. What can I say? It's been a blast. Working on a brand new musical certainly has been an eye-opening experience. There have been quite a lot of ups and downs, but everyone is working very hard to make this a really fun show. It's rare that you find that in the theater world. It's taken a lot of resources, time, and energy from everyone involved. We couldn't do it without each other and without you.

  If you'd like to sponsor the show wherever you are, we have a Kickstarter event where you can donate money to the production. There are some really awesome incentives to donate, so please go here: Gay Bomb: The Kickstarter! Until then, I really can't wait for Opening Night...

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