Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be Kind, Even on the Internet

Thanks to of all things Twitter, I found this post. I've only read selective Tweets from Rob Delaney thanks to other people retweeting, but I really appreciate the thought that went into this in terms of apologies, tweets, and perspectives on comedy. It takes a real person of integrity to admit they made a mis-step and take responsibility for it. It's so easy to hide in the vast web on the internet and completely ignore that on a base level we're all human. We all have hearts and minds that wish for the best in our world and in all of us. So often we can see the hideous side of the internet, and it's nice to have a reminder of how great it is that we have this thing that can connect all of us across the globe. I also appreciated his take on how to "make it" in comedy. Every lesson couldn't be more true. Carry on, Mr. Delaney... Carry on... You've just made a new fan.

Be Kind, Even on the Internet:

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